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Mi 10000 mAH Power bank 2i Review: Bang for your buck

With increasing power requirements in mobiles and tablets, power banks have become as important as the gadget itself. For quite some time now, Xiaomi – the Chinese electronics major has made its mark in delivering great quality power banks. During the later part of 2017, the firm had launched two power banks of 10000mAH and 20000maH capacity for the Indian market. The’i’ in 2i stands for Made in India power banks and the company has partnered with China based Hi Pad technologies to set up a plant in India. This review is for the 10000mAH variant.

Key Features:

  • Two-way Fast charging with Dual USB output
  • 14.2 mm thin with weight of 245 gms
  • Scratch & corrosion resistant smooth anodized Aluminium arc-design case
  • Separate button for low power charging of small devices
  • Nine layers of circuit chip protection

You can check out the product in Amazon here.

Design and Build

The 2i has a scratch-resistant anodized aluminium case which looks sleek and definitely premium. The anti-scratch coating means that you don’t have to keep it in a protective case to prevent minor scratches. However, it is not scratch-proof and you need to exercise caution while placing it over rough surfaces.

Mi Power Bank with Dual charging  Mi 2i Power Bank Top View Mi Power Bank 2i Mi Power Bank 2i Box

The box contains the power bank, micro USB cable and an user manual. So you need to get a converter port (dongle) for charging devices with USB Type-C or Lightning port. There is a 20 digit code printed in the box which can be used to verify genuineness of the product at http://www.mi.com/verify. The power bank is nice to hold and the curvy edges help in giving a firm ergonomic grip. At the top, you will find 2 USB Output ports, a Micro-USB Input port, a Power Check button and 4 Power indicators LEDs. The device detects charging and discharging automatically and the Power Check button is only used to enter/exit Low-current discharge mode. The Power indicator LEDs display the battery level and goes off 2 minutes after getting fully discharged.

Performance and Specs

The 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i has Li-polymer battery with an actual output capacity of 6500mAh and a conversion rate of more than 90% which is the best among various battery types. The compatibility extends to 5V/2A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A charging thus, allowing you to charge most smartphones, tablets and other devices. The power bank is 14.2 mm thin and weighs 245 gms which is quite slim and light for a 10000 mAH power bank. The good news is that you can easily carry this powerhouse in your jeans pocket.

 External Dimensions_Mi PowerbankThe dual USB output allows charging two devices at the same time. We got 3 full charges with iPhone 8, 2.3 full charges with both One Plus 5t and Mi A1 and around 1.2 full charges with iPad Mini 4. Considering the 2i’s size and price, these figures really impressed us. Charging the power bank takes around 6.5 Hours with a 5V/2A charger and close to 4.5 hours with a 9V/2A fast charger. “Pass-through charging” is supported, i.e., you can charge your devices via the power bank while it itself is being charged. This feature comes handy  when you need to power two devices simultaneously but you have only one power socket available. There is some amount of heating in the power bank as well as the micro USB cable after about an hour of charging but nothing that is of concern.

Special Features

The 2i stands out from the pack because of a host of value-added features in addition to those in a regular power bank. Fast-charging your mobile, now-a-days, has become a necessity and the 2i will not let you down with its fast-charging capabilities. Quick Charge 3.0 is supported when you charge using a single port. So, if you charge two devices simultaneously, you will not be able to get fast-charging in either of the devices. We tested both iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ and the 2i managed to charge the phones almost in the same time taken by the fast charging adapters shipped with these devices.

Mi Power Bank 2i charging low power devicesOne of the most unique features in the 2i is its support for charging low power devices such as Bluetooth headsets and fitness bands. When the power bank is not charging, just double press the Power Check button to enter 2-hour low-current discharge mode and voila! you are ready to charge your smart band or your bluetooth headset. To exit low power mode, press the Power Check button once. This feature comes really handy for safe charging of your small devices.

The 2i has built-in smart-control chips powered by Texas instruments which provide nine layers of class-leading circuit chip protection and enhanced charging efficiency. So you are well-protected against over-charge, over-discharge, high temperature, short-circuit, over-voltage as well as over-current.

Our Verdict

The Mi 10000 mAH Power Bank 2i pretty much excels in all departments – design, build, performance, specs and not to forget, a range of value-added features like dual USB output, two-way fast charging, support for low power devices, world-class safety features, etc. No wonder, the device has currently an impressive rating of 4.3/5 stars out of a mind-boggling 39,700+ ratings in Flipkart and 4.4/5 stars out of 800+ ratings in Amazon. Considering all the available options in the same category, this power bank is definitely a good choice. The 2i is currently available at a great discounted price in Amazon and at this price, it is without doubt, “BANG FOR YOUR BUCK”. If you are looking to buy a great well-rounded power bank with 10000mAH capacity (which is quite sufficient for a normal user), 2i is definitely something which you should consider. You can get it from Amazon using the below link.



Rating : 4.7 out of 5

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